Event photography etiquette 101

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Now that ‘summer’ is here, it also means that the photographers are out in force.

Unfortunately, us photographers have a bad rap for a number of reasons. In short, this sucks!

You’re been approached by a ‘photographer’, how do you know if he/she is a good/bad tog, how’s this for a start:

  • Look for an official badge. It means that the photographer have been ‘approved’ to shoot at the event but note, not all events would give out a badge so don’t take this as gospel
  • Ask for a business/event card. All respectable photographers have a business or ‘event’ card that points them to where your photos are going to be posted to. At least have a website, Facebook page, etc. listed on the card (and don’t lose this card!)
  • Ask them, “Where will these photos go?”. They must be able to tell you where they go, after all, why are they taking photos in the first place?

Still not convinced if they are kosher?

  • Just say ‘thanks, but no photos this time’. Any good photographer will then thank you for your time and leave you alone. I just hope you don’t do this to me 😉

So, that is the 3 second intro on event photography, remember this and keep cool. Might see you around (with my official badge and business card, of course!)